Memray is serious about motherhood. As the primary provider and caregiver for her son, she was laser-focused on him and his wellbeing. But now that her son is grown, Memray’s focus is solely on her health.

“Before, I was consumed with being a mother,” Memray said. “Now, I’m consumed with multiple sclerosis.”

Memray has multiple sclerosis, a potentially disabling autoimmune disease of the brain and central nervous system. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis range from blurry vision to numbness and weakness of the limbs.

“My symptoms are both visible and invisible,” she said. “The visible ones are my physical limitations. My strength is weaker, and the fatigue is awful.”

“My encounters with TAF have always been so straightforward and simplified.”

To help her access her critical treatment, Memray turned to The Assistance Fund’s (TAF’s) Multiple Sclerosis Copay Assistance Program. The program provides financial assistance for out-of-pocket costs for prescribed FDA-approved treatment, such as copays, deductibles, and coinsurance.

“It was definitely a relief—a peace of mind,” Memray said. “My encounters with TAF have always been so straightforward and simplified, and I just appreciate that.”

Living with multiple sclerosis is a challenge, but Memray continues to find ways to be positive and optimistic.

“It’s important to just live your life now,” she said. “Live it and enjoy it.”

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