TAF's Business Ethics and Compliance Program

TAF's Business Ethics and Compliance Program (Compliance Program) ensures we are operating in full compliance with our Advisory Opinions and other guidelines issued by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In addition, TAF’s Compliance Plan provides guidance on how to resolve questions regarding legal and ethical issues and establishes a mechanism for raising compliance issues and reporting possible violations of law or ethical principles within TAF.

TAF Confidential Compliance Helpline:

1-877-778-5463 or www.reportit.net (enter: TAFcares and Assistance)

24 hrs. a day/7 days a week

TAF’s Commitment to Compliance Best Practices

The Compliance Department identifies high-risk areas, allocates resources to monitor those areas, and tracks and incorporates lessons learned.

Detailed compliance policies and procedures supporting the operations of TAF’s Compliance Program are accessible to all employees through a shared file system.

TAF’s employees and Board of Directors participate in training that explains applicable laws and relevant regulations and guidelines. TAF offers a variety of education sessions, including online, micro, role-specific, and face-to-face formats.

If TAF Stakeholders become aware of an issue or concern, they can speak to a Compliance Champion, their supervisor, or a member of the Executive Leadership team; report their concern to the Chief Compliance Officer; or report their concern to the independent third-party Compliance Helpline.

The Compliance Department works together with other relevant departments to ensure that third-party risk management is in place that addresses, among other things, vendor onboarding/offboarding, due diligence, the request for proposals process, legal obligations, contract requirements, compliance requirements, performance requirements, and continuous monitoring.

TAF does not anticipate any mergers or acquisitions, but should one occur in the future, TAF would conduct comprehensive due diligence and integrate the other organization into TAF’s Business Ethics and Compliance Program.

TAF continues to create and foster a culture of business ethics and compliance with the law at all levels of the organization, evidenced by a high-level commitment by Executive Leadership to implement a culture of compliance from the middle and the top.

The Compliance Department has autonomy and deploys necessary resources to accomplish its mandates.

TAF is committed to ensuring adherence to its compliance plan policies and procedures and standards of ethical conduct. Executive Leadership, managers, supervisors, and other employees are all held accountable if they fail to comply.

TAF’s Business Ethics and Compliance Program assesses effectiveness through a variety of processes. If an audit identifies compliance risks, TAF proactively mitigates those risks and implements corrective action as appropriate.

TAF places importance on having a well-functioning, appropriately funded mechanism for the timely and thorough investigation of allegations or suspicions of misconduct by TAF Stakeholders. TAF has an established means of documenting TAF’s response, including disciplinary or remediation measures taken.