3 ways real stories make an impact for The Assistance Fund

Millions of people don’t have access to their medications because they can’t afford them. When they got diagnosed with a chronic or serious disease, their lives changed. Each of our patients has a unique story, and we wanted to feature their stories prominently on our website.

We believe our patient stories help most visitors on our site.

  1. They show our patients they’re not alone by giving them a glimpse into other people’s lives who have similar challenges.
  2. They show providers who they’re helping.
  3. They connect donors to the patients their generosity is benefitting.


We have three patient stories currently available. Now you can meet Larry, Memray, and Barbara, as well as their amazing caregivers.

We look forward to interviewing more patients and putting their stories on our website. Once we capture a couple more patient stories, we plan on building a web page dedicated to patients. In our next post, you’ll learn more about our next steps as we look to the future. Visit our homepage at to watch our patients’ stories.

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