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4 years ago

We’ve always been dedicated to our patients. Since our founding in 2009, we’ve helped over 43,000 men, women, and children access their medications. We’re proud of that impact, and it’s only the beginning.

We’re dedicated to helping our patients until everyone with a serious or chronic disease can afford their out-of-pocket costs. But to accomplish this, we had to make some improvements to our brand. It needed to reflect how much we care about our patients.

Without further ado, we’re proud to announce our new brand! We’re still The Assistance Fund. We still help you access your medications. We simply overhauled our brand so it’s more helpful for our patients. To accomplish that, we made some exciting changes. We’ll start off by addressing our new logo. It has six ribbons, each representing one of our core values: advocacy, compassion, support, communication, integrity, and optimism. The ribbon is a symbol of awareness and emotional support. It’s a rally cry to support our patients.

The logo is also influenced by the Star of Life, a symbol of medical services, which aligns with our passion for making medications accessible to our patients.

Our logo is just one way that our new brand focuses more on patients and their stories. Stay tuned to learn about the innovative features on our new website.

See it for yourself! Visit tafcares.org today.

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