I was referred to TAF for Copay Assistance.

Once you’re referred to The Assistance Fund for Copay Assistance, you can expect the following steps to take place:

  1. The referral’s information is reviewed against the program eligibility criteria.
  2. If the referral is within the program eligibility, then you’re granted Conditional Approval. Conditional Approval allows your pharmacy to dispense the medication for the first 30 days.
  3. The following business day a welcome letter and enrollment application is mailed to you, indicating the need to complete and return the application by the conditional expiration date.
  4. To continue to receive assistance past the 30 day conditional period you will need to submit a completed application, including your signature and agreement to the program terms and conditions within the conditional period.
  5. If we receive the completed enrollment application and you receive Full Active Approval, then you’re granted assistance through the end of the calendar year unless otherwise specified for the applicable program.

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4 years ago

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