Additional information for pharmacies.

In order to determine a patient’s remaining copay responsibility, as well as obtain a patient’s member benefits with our program, please contact a Patient Advocate at (855) 845-3663.

For pharmacies that are unable to support electronic billing information or a claims adjudication system, payments can also be facilitated through a Visa E-Card. To establish an E-Card or set up a payment for your patient, please contact a Patient Advocate at (855) 845-3663.

To verify a patient’s enrollment status, please call TAF at (855) 845-3663 and select Option 2.  You will need the patient’s Member Number and date of birth.  

If you would like access to our Pharmacy Portal, please email Program Manager, Christina Abbene at, with your first name, last name, email address, and the name of the pharmacy you are connected to.



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