Every dollar makes an impact.

We operate with a singular focus on helping patients. Scroll down to learn more.

Where does your money go?

Our focus is on helping patients. We make sure that 96% of the donations we receive goes directly to patient assistance. It helps with copays, deductibles, health care premiums, hospitalizations, travel, and other medical-care related incidentals.

Most of the time, we establish a direct relationship with the specialty pharmacies, health care providers, or sites of care that our patients visit, so our patients never have to shell out a dollar for what we cover. Sometimes, if for some reason we’re unable to directly adjudicate claims, or a provider won’t accept our electronic billing payment system, we will provide patients with a debit card to directly reimburse them for eligible claims. The remaining 4% goes to administration and staff costs and other expenses that keep our lean operations running smoothly.

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