COVID-19 Health Insurance Assistance Program

COVID-19 Health Insurance Assistance Program


Status: Accepting Applications


Application Method: Online Only


Grant Available: Up to $2,500 per applicant


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COVID-19 Program FAQs

In response to the unprecedented national crisis of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), The Assistance Fund (TAF) has launched a new health insurance assistance program for eligible individuals who have experienced a disruption in their coverage due to the pandemic.


The COVID-19 Health Insurance Assistance Program provides immediate financial support for eligible TAF patients by offering grants of up to $2,500 to help them secure health insurance. Applicants will be required to submit verification that they lost insurance, purchased new insurance or are paying for a continuation of their previous insurance, and proof of economic hardship.


For updates on TAF Operations during the coronavirus pandemic, visit TAF Coronavirus Updates.

For Applicants




To be eligible for the COVID-19 Health Insurance Assistance Program, you must be actively enrolled or have been enrolled in a TAF copay program in 2020 or 2021; you must have filed a claim in 2020 or 2021; must not be currently enrolled in a TAF financial assistance program; and must meet the following additional criteria:


> You must be a legal resident of the United States or a US territory, and must fall within household-income and household-size financial guidelines based upon the Federal Poverty Level.


> Your insurance coverage must have been impacted by a COVID-19-related job loss.


> You must have secured or be in the process of securing replacement insurance (or must be paying directly for continuation of existing insurance).


> You must submit a complete program application that includes the patient’s attestation.


Note: You are required to apply online. Phone and paper applications will not be accepted.


Acceptable Documentation and Deadlines


Once you complete the application, you will be instructed to supply proof of insurance and economic hardship within 30 days. Please ensure all documents are labeled with your name and date of birth. Acceptable forms of documentation are listed below:


> Proof of Insurance: Proof of Insurance includes a copy of your health insurance enrollment or election letter, recent insurance statement, or COBRA continuation coverage election letter.

> Job Loss: Verification of economic hardship and job loss may be in the form of a recent employment termination letter that indicates a job loss occurring after March 1, 2020. If your employment has been suspended due to a furlough, you will need to supply a letter from your human resources department that outlines the conditions of your furlough, including your financial responsibility to pay the employer and employee portion of your insurance plan to continue coverage and the estimated return to work date.


Note: You can submit documents online using our Document Uploader or by mail or fax. Uploading documents online is the fastest and easiest option.


For Organizations


Are you an organization that wants to donate to TAF’s COVID-19 Health Insurance Assistance Program? Financial support from partners like you could help us provide financial assistance to many more patients, especially in these uncertain times. Contact Cheryl Sam, Director of Philanthropy, to contribute to our COVID-19 Health Insurance Assistance Program.

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